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Scriptural Rosary Book and Sung Rosary CD

In the fall of 2008, after 4 years of work, The Mary, Queen of Peace Meditation Guide & Sung Rosary was published and released. The beautiful 6" x 9" 48-page full color book  includes a totally sung rosary on CD. Scripture verses for each Hail Mary, sheet music for the sung prayers, and beautiful icons, paintings and stained glass windows to aid in your meditation are included in the book.

Product details: There is 1 CD which contains a generic form of the rosary, meaning that the mysteries are announced as "The First Mystery," "The Second Mystery," etc. This means it can be used with the Joyful, Sorrowful, Luminous and Glorious mysteries. When you pray it, you simply insert which mystery it is. The booklet has all four mysteries, each with scripture or prayers from the Liturgy of the Hours (Eastern Catholic version) for each Hail Mary. It takes approximately 50 minutes to sing the entire rosary with this version.

Here's what the inside of the book looks like:

REVIEW: "What Susan offers in her combination CD/Book packet is a “must-have” for every Catholic woman today. The rosary is sung in such a way that you actually feel yourself pulled into the melody; even lackluster singers, such as myself, will find themselves easily singing along. This has already become my favorite rosary CD. And if the beautiful music isn’t enough, the booklet that comes with it is a work of art. Beautiful pictures of stained glass windows and magnificent icons, along with meditative writings will surely bless each reader.
     The rosary is a gift we have as Catholics and Susan Bailey’s CD/Book set is sure to please Catholic woman interested in making the rosary a more integral part of her own daily walk with Christ.
Cheryl Dickow, editor of Bezalel Books and associate editor of the Catholic Exchange's "Today's Catholic Woman" page

You can purchase your copy here for $20

REVIEW: "Rosary CDs have always been big sellers among the Catholic audience. This is simply one of the best rosary projects I have seen. Besides featuring very pleasant music that acts as a soundtrack to the rosary, there is a terrific booklet that goes along with the CD that has great readings and reflections for the prayers. If you know anyone who regularly prays the rosary or if you want to inspire someone to start praying the rosary, go to www.sungrosary.com to grab this project. "
Dave Wang, National Catholic Register (Canada)

Listen to the Music
You can listen to samples from the Mary, Queen of Peace Meditation Guide & Sung Rosary by watching Susan sing the opening prayers; you can experience the Sung Rosary by watching a video of the First Sorrowful Mystery; you can see the Sung Rosary in action during a Holy Hour conducted at St. Anne's Parish in Shrewsbury in May of 2009:

Sung Rosary

1st Sorrowful

Sung Rosary Holy Hour May '09

There are other videos that you can view including 2 bonus songs (including Shubert's "Ave Maria") and all 5 Sorrowful mysteries. Watch them on the Video Page.

You can purchase your copy here for $20.


Pray the Sung Rosary (portions) on the Marian Cenacle Rosary Podcast. Based on the cenacle format of the Marian Movment of Priests, the Marian Cenacle Rosary Podcast includes readings from For the Priests by Fr. Stefano Gobbi of the movement. Additional prayers for the Pope are included as well.

Purchase the Scriptural Rosary Book & Sung Rosary CD
Don't want to order over the internet? Download order sheet to mail in or call 206-600-6940.

If you live in Massachusetts, you can purchase it from this local bookstore:

Boucher's Good Books
254 Lake Ave, Worcester, MA 01604-1198, (508) 755-4516

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If you live in Ohio, you can purchase it from this local bookstore:

Generations Religious Gifts & Church Supply
1095 Dublin Road • Columbus, Ohio 43215
(614) 451-7155 • (800) 743-7155 • (614) 340-1010 Fax

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Mary, Queen of Peace Sung Rosary NEW! Inexpensive Rosaries Available for Sale
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Sample some of the songs:
See pages from the book