Preview from the River of Grace Soundtrack: “Spirit of Life:” Ever wonder how a song is recorded?

Have you ever wondered just how a song is recorded? It’s rather like building a building from the ground up, or making a layer cake. Here’s a simple demonstration from the recording of “Spirit of Life” (written by Carolyn McDade, Surtsey Publishing Company) for my River of Grace Soundtrack CD: Recording is a long and

An interview with The Priests at St. John’s Food Pantry: International singing stars with the hearts of servants

Published in the April 3rd edition of The Catholic Free Press. **************************************************************** WORCESTER–March 27, 2015. On a rainy Friday morning … It was not your typical Friday at St. John’s Food Pantry in Worcester. As some five hundred of the city’s poor streamed in for a hot meal, three new faces greeted them. These men

Music for your waiting

It’s hard to believe Christmas is only a month away.  The waiting can be filled with much shopping, parties, busyness, noise, rushing around … not bad things, but the waiting can also be filled with quiet expectation. Time alone. Silence. So one can think, ponder and imagine the scene of the coming Messiah, born as

Thankful for simple gifts

This is a teaser to my monthly column on Some of the most wonderful gifts from God come in the form of whispers. They are the small gifts. The gifts for a particular moment, not to be grasped at, but merely accepted. And if the taker is alert and awake, the heart will swell